Toddler Football


Some exercises involve forming large and small groups or teams who will learn to help each other in order to compete against their class mates. Our coaches help each player to learn how each exercise works, when to take your turn, and to enjoy working together. The groups are never fixed and its not about winning, throughout the course the children will all work and play with each other which helps them to make friends and get used to meeting new people

Fitness & Co-ordination

With the help and support of the parents we aim to keep all of the children as involved as possible throughout the session, however there’s no pressure and the children can sit with their parents on the sidelines at any time if they need a break or just don’t feel like it. Lots of our exercises help to develop co-ordination skills, which are a benefit to all children.


Teaching the children how new games and exercises actually work is a key part of our coaching role, understanding when its ‘your turn’ is a great step for our Tots and coaches, despite all the enthusiasm and energy the Tots soon learn how to play and enjoy themselves within the coaching system, this helps all of the children progress and enjoy themselves in a great environment.

New Friends

We are a friendly group of coaches, children and parents who welcome any new players no matter how nervous you might be, as coaches we try and get the children to interact with each other during the sessions.


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Football Classes

Friday: 09.10-09.50 at Yatton Village Hall

Saturday: 09.00-9.40, 9.45-10.25 & 10.30-11.10 at Clevedon School Sports Centre, Clevedon

Children aged 18 months to 5 years old
Book early as places are limited

Payments are made via Bacs payments 

Free trial session when you first start